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The new Urbino's Gates
Bastione S. Bartolo
October 2012
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The New Consortium, 'centro commerciale of Urbino', new building volumes under the walls of a Renaissance: a garden failure

"A project with a difficult dialogue with the existing built in record time by the will of the administration of Urbino. Conflictual relationship with the historic center : how the project relates to the adjacent walls of the sixteenth century and the profile of the Unesco heritage city , in the area of the Old Consortium , under S. Bartolo? The designer and ' building permit ' have established a relationship? which one? It is a new volume that overlaps and contrasts systematically , despite the green built , with the skyline of the city of Urbino by altering the balance heavily from the south side . An apparent conflict exists between the circuit and the Renaissance walls of the village and a landscape no longer pristine but altered by large volumes of bricks off the ground and shielded by the green system . The project did not have to hear it to see how volume , but it's exactly the opposite happened . The site could accommodate only and exclusively a ' quiet garden ' seamlessly integrated with terraces and underground volumes and not above the profile of the center. An unsolved problem in the design phase is now irreversible."

"The relationship with the city center is the entire volume in cubic meters of project and product variant certified in the planning instrument and in the features of the facade of the firm and jagged ' embricature ' 2 floors above ground that overlap systematically from every point of view the facades and roofs of the city of Urbino. The contrast is to overlap : chromatic , and tectonic perspective . The project, in essence, is inimical to the architectural features of medieval and Renaissance art, which disorients the viewer a hard time in distiguere textures , shades of brick medieval and renaissance with those put in place in 2011. A design error already seen the new cover of the ducal date . What you probably wanted to be a formal virtuosity all referred to the good outcome of the individual solutions , with terraces built into the green , is , in the result, all but a garden. A project with a unique design process (given the exceptional site where you go to sell ) resulted from simple collaboration between a private company and public administration with a brief conclusion of the planning practice and the issuance of all permits . No consultation , no popular consultation (required for a project as sensitive as this one) , no participatory process and no variation in the course of work to improve the original design . Nancy according to the city council . The company together with the Municipality merely inform citizens in project ended with an exhibition and event marketing criteria studied . We are faced with a paradigmatic case of ' urban contracted ' school who has already done in our country."

L.I. - October 2012

New building volumes 'above ground' in the Renaissance walls and adjacent to the Convent of St. Chiara; detail and overview.

"Great work , expensive and unnecessary , " The Data? " Scarred ". The slip ? " Needless ." The new parking lots? " Mah .. ". Friends Urbino write to me quite alarmed by the growing magnitude and impact of the work going on in Saint Lucia and San Bartolo. Jobs that - unfortunately as has already happened with the date , unwatchable as expensive - will deeply affect the profile of the walls and the old city itself. Urbino , as it is known , has decreased in the whole wide Municipality ( 23,000 ha) to 15,000 inhabitants, of whom fewer than 1,000 residents in the historic center , occupied by universities and by a constellation of landlords . Tourism is here purely seasonal : about 200,000 entries in the Ducal Palace every year , concentrated between June and August ( when the weather is bad on the Riviera ) . But for years comes along , without respite, a policy of big jobs , big - parking , close to or inside the walls. Now there are two in progress: 1 ) Door to Saint Lucia (north) into walls and towers was converted into a shopping center with parking built , very showy , and 2) work even heavier in the east, between the former and the beautiful furnace Volponi walls of San Bartolo overlook where the monastery of St. Clare ( Francesco di Giorgio ), Palazzo Passionei ( Laurana ), etc. . in the face of San Bernardino mausoleum of the Dukes ( Francesco di Giorgio ): Here is another accomplished , the largest shopping mall with parking, connected - with rack - the walls themselves. Which are so invested in directly."

Vittorio Emiliani- Il Resto del Carlino 28 june 2009

"Keep in mind that a few hundred feet below there is already a large supermarket Conad for months and that the escalator will remain completely unused. While the two commercial facilities will attract more traffic. A snake, therefore, that bites its own tail. The mayor Corbucci months ago theorized that with Codest complex plant "repopulates" the spopolatissimo historical center ... How, pray tell? Rather, I predict the exact opposite (as noted by an economist at the level of Paul Leon on the same "Duchy"): the new shopping centers always lead, inexorably, the closure of the shops were, and here, within the walls, were those few who still serve the residents survivors. Which, in turn, being older, will be induced to leave."

Vittorio Emiliani- Il Resto del Carlino 28 june 2009

Planimetric framing of the New Consortium of Urbino. The site is located in the Renaissance walls and at the Bastion St. Bartolo.

"I do not know what strategic mind Has recommended this ( as, in His Time , the Plan color fortunately foiled ) . It Seems to me crazy for this marvelous historic center That some have special laws of the state, in the best years , beautifully preserved (at least until the date of scarring under Torricini ) . The historic center of the beautiful fruit That money and time is invested , and ugly , from the " great work " expensive and unnecessary . Like the famous " strap " from Fermoy in Urbino just opened and , as it turned , it is a useless stump (but at least we were Able to Achieve it , in large part , in the gallery). Those same money would have yielded to blackberries if the traffic Destined For Pesaro and Rimini - Catholic . Like the other for the useless , bleak shed the Date (12 billion lire? ) That Could be invested , for example , in the restoration of old houses to be allocated for rent agreement , or social , to young couples . But the rationality of the programs, the sense of the city where have they gone ? "

Vittorio Emiliani- Il Resto del Carlino 28 june 2009

"For now, everything went well, the opening was a success and I certainly can not complain about anything, especially given the period we are going through, certainly not one of the happiest. Although to make a real budget will have to wait at least a year, "said Sauro Torelli, owner of the construction company, the Torelli Chartered spa owner. Of course the work is not yet fully completed, lack of finish, the garden is planted with fresh and lacks the grassy cover that would camouflage the structure and integrate it into the territory."

Il Ducato - 16 April 2012

"And the downtown merchants do they say? They fear the competition of the new mall? Mistake to think are incidents in which angry . Stefano Leg, Leg holder Emporium , does not seem to worry too much, indeed, " Our clientele is mainly composed of college students who live in the center and tourists, who do not think will ever come to Urbino to visit the " Consortium " . The building complex could even turn into an attraction for those who live in the district : after shopping at the mall , you may also want to save him for a walk through the streets of the city. What really worries me is the economic crisis affecting all Italian families , not this one. It does not seem particularly upset even Matteo Ugolini , owner of herbal The Mandrake Via Raffaello . " A little ' surely you will split the market share also with the shopkeepers of the complex, but I think the damage to the business will be very limited : the clientele of the center is different from that of the mall "..

Il Ducato - 16 april 2012

"The new doors of Urbino "is the title of the exhibition that will be presented Friday, March 27, 2012 , at 15:00 , in room Raphael, in Piazza della Repubblica . The exhibition aims to illustrate to the public the two projects regarding the areas of Port Saint Lucia and the former Agricultural Association of Urbino. The Company " Torelli Doctors" Spa , in charge of two projects commissioned the Research Laboratory on Advanced Communication ( Larica ) of the Faculty of Sociology, University of Urbino to inform the public , so that the two work plans to integrate maximum among the population. During the months of October and November 2008 have been carried out of the group interviews with residents and college students, the "focus" to collect suggestions on projects. The initiative has gained attention among the participants, who expressed expectations and sometimes confusion . More interviews, with the use of images, we are doing these days. The area behind the walls of the ancient port and Duke will be renewed in order to facilitate access to the city center. The "New Port Saint Lucia " will host the bus station , car parks, shops and offices. The "New Consortium" , host of shops, offices, recreation areas and parking lots. The date of completion of work is scheduled for 2011."

Taken from the "Fano informa": Porta S. Lucia and Ex Consortium, an exhibition to inform the public.

"L''exhibition" The new doors of Urbino "will open with a press conference that will also assist the public, which will participate in the Regional Superintendent for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Marche Paul Carini, the mayor of Urbino Franco Corbucci, the 'Managing Director of the Company "Torelli Doctors" Spa, Sauro Chartered, the executive dell'Uffici Public Works of the City of Urbino Michele Happy, and the scientific secretary of the Laboratory of Research on Advanced Communication (Larica) of the Faculty of Sociology, University of Urbino, Roberta Bartoletti. The exhibition will run until 13 April 2012."

Taken from the "Fano informa": Porta S. Lucia and Ex Consortium, an exhibition to inform the public.


The New Housing Development of the New Consortium, area S. Bartolo. Renderind designers. Under the framework landscaped volumes 'above ground' clearly visible behind the walls going up to the city since the Convent of St. Chiara.

"This is a new volume that overlaps and contrasts systematically, despite the green built, with the skyline of the city of Urbino by altering the balance heavily from the south. A clear and irreconcilable conflict between the circuit of the Renaissance walls of the village and a but no longer pristine landscape altered by large volumes of bricks above ground unshielded from the green system. the project did not have to hear it to see how volume, but it's exactly the opposite happened An apparent conflict exists between the circuit and the Renaissance walls of the village and a more pristine landscape but not altered by large volumes of bricks above ground not shielded by the green system. the project did not have to hear it to see how volume, but it's exactly the opposite happened."

L.I. - October 2012

The New Housing Porta S. Lucia nearing completion and without the integration of green - View from the parking Hospital in January 2014.

"The Terminal is ready for the inauguration. The huge structure that has dug a whole hill under the door St. Lucia, is a complex 'pharaonic' to the small town of Urbino, with 9-storey, 2500 square feet of all property Doctors of the Torelli spa The sixth and seventh are ready to accommodate commercial establishments, including the first electronics store in the city and a Coop. environmental impact of this final structure is to be verified, we will know the outcome will be included only when additions of green vegetation and the various morphologies in 6 levels, assuming that manage to integrate the new volume with the profile of the existing hill. has not been done to study the ring makes no real impact on the system outside of the landscape but only accurate and detailed photo realistic views of the interiors of stores and malls."

The New Housing Porta S. Lucia nearing completion and without the integration of green. Seen from the Viale Giuseppe di Vittorio, a few hundred yards from - January 2014.

The New Housing Porta S. Lucia, detail of porch that will house the bus station at the ground floor. Seen from the Viale Giuseppe Vittorio - January 2014.

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