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Domus del Mito -
Mito's Domus | century I d.C.
November 2013
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'Domus del Mito', Tifernum Mataurense, an archaeological excellence and not open to the public

Hard to find and visit: there are no signs and the site is currently closed to the public. And 'the faded image of an Italian firm, without more money for the strategies it BB.CC., 'eristic dialectic' of a sunken treasure that has the unique perspective and the possible sale to private individuals.

"The Domus of the myth of St. Angelo in Vado, in the basin of the river Metaurus, since the war is an archeological dig of the most important in the Marche. Together to the Forum Sempronii S. Martino Plan Fossombrone , is an archaeological park of excellence at the regional level for the size and scope of the finds, all still musealizzare. This is the most important archaeological discovery came to light in the last 50 years, and the large number of figures mostly related to classical mythology ,I have coined the current name “Domus del Mito". The archaeological park of Tifernum Mataurense is currently being expanded with the excavations in the Roman Baths in progress by the University of Macerata under the direction of Prof. Emanuela Stortoni. The construction site for a total amount of 400 million with the co-financing funds por erdf and provides for the creation of a Museum and Archaeological Park next to the discovery of the Domus. The site is currently not yet "accessible" and the entire entry museum is still incomplete and flawed. Let's start with the arrival in the city of St. Angelo in Vado: instructions There are no signs, nor in the country will close the area. Finding the archaeological park without navigation is not easy. Ask information is not needed, the signs are scarce or non-existent. The citizens do not feel this monumental archaeological presence in their land. Arrived at the site , we find a closed area and unmarked, with only a small gazebo at the entrance and a sign with phone numbers for availability. The project of a museum , despite the existence also of a good thesis for the degree course in Civil Engineering and Architecture of Bologna (2011), has never been completed: there are display panels, educational material information, a campaign to promote and disseminate appropriate event and the museum context. The website is only one page with text in English . There are no multimedia installations , nor will site in the city of St. Angel In I go. We observe then the perimeter of the excavation and protection: Closed sheets with temporary and barely visible even at night over the entire range of the archaeological park. A limited area, poorly marked and difficult to "accessibility".


"That the "Campo of the Pieve", in St. Angelo in Vado (PU), retained in his basement a large portion of the town of Roman town of Tifernum Mataurense, it was known for several years now, ever since a successful series of aerial photographs were not shown with a thick and frequent evidence articulated fabric of buried structures . This evidence , however, supported by the results, not exciting but definitely conclusive , an extensive essay exploratory study in 1999 , had long led the City Council to develop , together with the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Marche , a comprehensive program excavation and exploitation, in view of which, meanwhile, with decisive foresight, the city administration itself had acquired in his demesne area . the opportunity to make concrete such intent has been offered by the " project Objective SPD - 5 ," making use of European funds administered by the Marche Region ; admitted to the financing of the operation, which also included the museum display and enjoyment of the public to a first portion of the ancient town, began to adapt the interior to the new function."

Text taken from Site of 'Comune di S. Angelo in Vado' - L.I.

A - Aerial photo of the archaeological framework of the Domus del Mito - B - Planimentria total of the archaeological area. L.I.

"The opportunity to make real intent was offered by these " projects SPD - Goal 5 ", making use of European funds administered by the Marche Region ; admitted to the financing of the operation, which also included the museum display and enjoyment of the public to a first portion of the ancient town, it started last autumn the archaeological excavation conducted on the ground by the archaeological Cooperative in Florence, under the scientific direction of the Superintendent. survey , focused on a certain area of ??Campo della Pieve on the basis of further test conducted in 2000, he quickly achieved, we can say, exceptional results , showing first of all how certain choices made jointly by the City and the Superintendent were aimed in the right direction. excavated area, in fact, a large square meters. approximately 1,000 , has brought to light the whole articulation of a great aristocratic domus built towards the end of the century. AD , enhanced by a rich complex of figurative mosaics, perhaps the most conspicuous came to light in the Marche region for the past several decades."

Text taken from Site of 'Comune di S. Angelo in Vado' - L.I.

"These mosaic floors, good and excellent quality, and mostly well preserved , exhibit various subjects , showing the insertion of the ancient city in the circulation of cartoons and skilled workers , and the presence in it of a client cultured and refined . Mosaic of Bacchus (detail) mosaic of Bacchus (detail) In what is the vestibule stands " the triumph of Neptune," which holds the trident, the chariot pulled by two sea horses, accompanied by the bride Amphitrite, while below the swim dolphins, followed, in the likely tablinium, a bust of Dionysus with wreath of vine leaves in a central round framed by a halo of reasons prospective and elegant female figures at the corners. in the middle part of the domus opens an atrium - peristyle with geometric mosaics with molded bases of the columns that supported the impluvium , with its well in the center, around , variously articulated , you have at least three spaces of representation."

Text taken from Site of 'Comune di S. Angelo in Vado' - L.I.


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